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Where can you buy Grow Lights


There are thousands of people who would love to have an indoor garden, of any kind. In order to accomplish that feat, however, you a re going to have to have some light. In the outdoor world, the sun produces enough light and energy to your plants to make sure that they grow tall and healthy, but indoors you don’t have that same luxury. Even if you know what kind of lighting source you would like to use, how do you know where to find them? Where can you buy grow lights?


You can find the best LED grow light on Amazon. They will deliver the system right to your door.

Lamps Plus

Don’t be deterred by the first choice on the list being a major lighting retailer in general. Their grow light selection is second to none and there is a lot here that can benefit any indoor grower. Their grow light selection includes some of the most up to date technology that has been introduced into the horticulture world. LED grow lights are becoming more and more popular and Lamps Plus stocks an entire line of Tesler LED lights to make sure that all of your plants have exactly what they need. That LED light selection is incredibly important when you consider the fact that LED grow lights last for up to 15 years when taken care of properly.

1000 Bulbs

1000 Bulbs is a company that was founded in 1996 as one of the first places online to buy high quality grow lights at an affordable price. They have won award after award for their quality and service, which is why customers come back time and time again when they need new equipment for their grow operation. Years of experience in the field make them capable of providing you with incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lights along with all of the ballasts and electrical equipment that you need to make sure that your grow is more successful than ever. You simply can’t ignore the supply of hydroponic supplies that are available, in any case. A grower that is serious can’t miss out on this kind of opportunity.


HydroFarm doesn’t have the option to buy online, but they cannot be overlooked when compiling lists of this kind. They are the oldest and largest wholesaler of grow equipment and their 100,000 square foot facility means that they always have exactly what you need in stock. There are over 4,000 items at HydroFarm and they’ve all been thoroughly researched and tested to make sure that your plants get the energy they need. On their website, you have the ability to find a local retailer to purchase their products from, but the main company itself can help greatly reduce the stress of deciding what it is that you need to get growing and start having larger harvests than ever.

Sunlight Supply

Sunlight supply not only is a place to buy grow lights. This one store is a national manufacturer and distributer of everything that you need to set up a grow that will go on around the clock and bring you higher yields than ever. They were founded in 1995 and has since grown into a massive company, but they still focus on providing a one of a kind customer service experience. For that reason, they are the prime source for a wide array of research and commercial indoor grow facilities, in addition to being a major player for smaller commercial grows. Soil, hydroponic, commercial, personal, outdoor, indoor, it doesn’t matter when you shop with the help of Sunlight Supply and their wide array of products that includes grow lights, nutrients, ballasts, hydroponic systems, exhaust systems, and more.

ACF Greenhouses

ACF Greenhouses is one of the only sites listed here that still has the small business, family owned feel once you take a look at their website. They even offer free greenhouse supplies if you order more than $800 worth of greenhouse equipment. They aren’t confined to greenhouses, though, and feature all of the grow lights that you could need for your own indoor grow. Fluorescent light fixtures and stands, powerful HID lights and ballasts, and a variety of other bulbs and grow light equipment is all here and at prices that are incredibly affordable considering the level of attention that they pay to taking care of their customers.

Which One?

Choosing the right shop depends on your own personal preferences and what you are most concerned about. Some stores will obviously have lower prices, but some will offer better customer support. That goes without saying, but many people simply choose the first store they see and never look back, rather than actually shopping around. The best thing that you can do is shop around and find the best deal that offers everything that you need. If you make the proper decision and get the best light for the job, you’ll have incredible yields for a great deal of time and you’ll find that your job is so much easier.

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