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Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana indoors might seem like one of the easiest things that you can think of, but in fact there are a huge number of problems that people face over the course of their growing career. In particular, though, there are ten mistakes that most people fall for. If you take care of these things you will have a much greater chance of success, although this isn’t the end all be all list.

Be sure to look out for:

Mistake 1: Overwatering

Water is incredibly vital to the health of your plants. With too much water you will seriously damage and even kill your plants. Hydroponics are the answer to this, because it is almost impossible to overwater your plants due to the drainage properties of the rock wool that is used as a substrate. As long as they aren’t sitting directly inside of the liquid, they aren’t going to become too saturated and they will be fine. Depending on any other type of growing method you are using, you will either have to water one to three times a day. With that in mind, be sure to never overwater and only water once the top few inches of soil have completely dried out. The right amount of water will keep them healthy, while too much can lead to a huge loss when it comes time to harvest.

Mistake 2: Telling People

One of the biggest mistakes that you can possibly make is telling people about your growing operation. Everyone wants to brag about the fact that they have some high quality marijuana in their house, but telling people about the fact that you are growing them is a big mistake that can easily land you in jail. One expert has said that for every person you tell you are increasing your chances of being caught by 10%. That means that once ten people know about your grow operation, you are surely either going to jail or you are going to robbed. If you are at all concerned about privacy and security, you should make sure that you tell absolutely no one about it. If you are in a business partnership, be sure that you ensure they have the right kind of privacy and security measures in place.

Mistake 3: Killing Germinating Seeds

When your seeds are germinating it is the most precious time for them. Most people use the paper towel method to germinate their seeds, but this means that you’ll have to handle them a great deal and anytime that you touch your seeds you risk putting them in danger of not sprouting properly. Ideally, you should be sprouting them in the growing medium that you are going to use, so that you won’t have to handle them once they start growing. This will also make sure that they are at far less risk of disease and pests. The wet paper towel might be a tried and tested method of germinating seeds, but that doesn’t mean that it is the right choice for people who want to take their growing seriously. Since cloning can cause a lot of problems as well, this is something that you should have a handle on.

Mistake 4: Using The Wrong Fertilizer

When you start growing, it can be tempting to grab any old fertilizer off the shelf and start using it in your grow. This can certainly help your plants start growing, but they won’t thrive in the way that you want them to. Without any regard for the NPK ratio, you aren’t going to have a harvest that you can be proud of. With each growth cycle, you should be using a specific fertilizer that has the right amount of nitrogen especially, which your plants need more of as they grow and begin to flower. Pick up fertilizer that is tailor made for the kinds of plants you have and the stage of growth that they are in and you will have much more successful grows overall.

Mistake 5: Using Seeds From Bad Plants

A lot of growers have seeded marijuana that they believe they can start growing with. The problem is that 90% of the final product is going to be the result of genetics, rather than anything that you do in the grow room. In reality, this is how you end up with early flowering males, hermaphrodites, or late flowering females. Before you use seeds that you don’t know the story behind, you should look into reputable seed banks that have the entire history of a strain available for you to check out. If you have seeded marijuana in the first place, it might be time to start doing more research anyway.

Mistake 6: Using Too Many Nutrients

This is a very easy mistake to make, since people worry so much about the amount of nutrients that their plants have. In fact, most nutrient companies actually put recommendations on the side of the package that are far too high for most grow operations. This will lead to something that is known as nutrient burn, which won’t always kill your plants, but it can be a problem and something that you should always be working on improving. Talk to people online about the amount of nutrients that you are using and see what they think. If you want to be sure, always pay attention to your plants on a daily basis and seek help with very specific problems that you are having, rather than asking general questions about nutrient mixtures.

Mistake 7: Mistiming The Growth Cycles

The separate growth cycles are very important to the life of your plant. Without proper vegetation, flowering is going to suffer. That is why mistiming the growth cycles is going to lead to a large number of problems compared to other issues that you might face. You should always make sure that you induce flowering just before the plants have filled the space, because they are going to stretch out a great deal when they are flowering. If they start flowering and grow too large, you are going to have a lot of problems in terms of both space and plant health. This can take some time to master, but once you understand the growth cycles inside of your grow room you can start to have much larger harvests season after season.

Mistake 8: Not Creating The Right Environment

If you are going to grow marijuana, you should not settle for anything less than the ideal environment. That means keeping the humidity around 30 and 70 percent and the temperature from 75 to 85 degrees. This might seem like a no brainer, but too many people think that air circulation that is “good enough” is fine for a decent harvest. If you are going to go through the trouble of growing marijuana indoors, you should make sure that you have the right ventilation system in place. Not to mention the kind of problems you’ll face in terms of disease and pests once you stop keeping the humidity under control.

Mistake 9: Overpruning

Everyone knows that pruning a plant can help boost the growth and create plants that fit into the space that you have available, but what happens when you prune them too much? Overpruning is going to weaken your plants and even kill them in some cases. It remains true that there are some times when pruning can be beneficial, but pruning the whole plant will bring nothing but problems in the long run. If you have the right technique, there should be nothing stopping you from doing a certain amount of pruning, but that is only if you know what you are doing. Always prune less than you think you might want to, for starters.

Mistake 10: Harvesting Too Early

It is always hard to wait when it comes to harvesting. When your plants start budding, it is easy to want to hurry and harvest them. The problem comes in when you wait just another two weeks, you can have up to 25% larger harvests. Ideally, you should be waiting until your plants have completely stopped growing and the white pistils have turned brown in at least 50 to 75% of cases. This is also when the levels of THC is at the highest point, making it incredibly beneficial for you to wait until your plants are completely ready. Still be sure to not harvest too late, however, or the plants will start degrading and you will lose THC and gain CBD, which most people aren’t looking for. All you have to do is control your excitement and wait until the plants are actually ready to be harvested, rather than waiting as long as you can before you are ready to do it.

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