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LED Grow Light Manufacturers

LED grow lights are the future of growing indoors. Compared to other types of lighting, LED lighting is more cost effective, cooler, and more affordable in the long run. The kind of light that these provide is in the perfect red and blue spectrums that plants need for vegetative and flowering growth. When it comes to buying these, there are plenty of opportunities to overload yourself with information, but there are a few LED grow light manufacturers that stand above the rest when it comes to helping you have higher yields than ever.

Grow Northern

Grow Northern is a United Kingdom based LED grow light company that has been operating since 2009. They strive to offer the very latest in LED technology and they partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry to create the best LED grow lights possible.

There are two product lines produced by Grow Northern starting in 2013 and they will be opening an entirely new facility in the coming year to make sure that they can meet any demand. The new developments will make it easier than ever to control electricity consumption, cooling equipment, and make it simple to replace bulbs when needed, although their bulbs are known to last for at least twice as long as the competition.

Grow Northern offers a 28 day return policy, although the buyer is responsible for the return postage. Should anything go wrong, however, they offer a 3 year warranty for replacements and repairs due to manufacturing problems. Lightbulb replacements shouldn’t be much of a problem, though, due to the 50,000 hour lifespan that most of them have.


LumiGrow is a newer company that has a lot of options, but has a few specialty LED grow lights to offer as well. They offer options for commercial growers as well as small timers and their products are available in over 1,200 different retailers across the world.

The most important part of their line is the LumiBar LED Strip Light. Their lights are designed to be perfect for plants when they are in need of blue light. These lights will provide the perfect kind of light and works well for small spaces, efficient grow rooms, and growers that would like to have a more environmentally friendly grow room.


GrowBlu produces LED grow lights that are of the highest quality. They have put a lot of research into finding out just what works and what doesn’t, making them one of the most advanced companies on the market. Their grow lamps use only the finest spectrums to promote growth and deliver results that are almost unheard of.

GrowBlu produces LED grow lights for all kinds of needs, including small greenhouses, tent grows, small grow rooms, and even larger commercial grows. Their lights are tested and designed in independent facilities that make sure that their qualities give you the highest yield and the absolute maximum amount of vegetative growth.

As part of their LED Grow Light Line, they offer things like:

  • Phantom Lights
  • Full Spectrum Grow Lights
  • 150W Full Spectrum Lights
  • Super UFO Lights
  • Vegetable Spectrum Lights
  • 144W Super UFO Grow Lights
  • 60 X 3W Full Spectrum Grow Lights

In addition, GrowBlu offers a 3 year protection plan that covers labor, shipping, parts, and even free light replacements if the problem can’t be fixed. They design their lights to be of the highest quality and last a long time, but in case anything happens, you’ll be covered.


TruLite LED grow lights are designed to be some of the most efficient grow lights on the market. Growing plants is supposed to be an easy and fun hobby and these grow lights make it easy.

These LED grow lights are designed to emit the proper wavelengths to accommodate both vegetating and flowering stages, which can end up doubling the yield of your indoor crop under the right conditions.

The modular design also means that they are flexible and make it easy to move into position, swap out for new lights, and make sure that every aspect of your grow lighting is under your control.

Their three year warranty makes sure that nothing goes wrong and nothing is placed in your hands. If you are unhappy within the first 90 days, though, you can easily return the products for a full refund. This kind of customer service is vital when you are dealing with something as sensitive as the light that you put on your indoor plants.

At the end of the day, almost any of these would make a perfect option for your grow room. LED grow light manufacturers spend a lot of money researching the best way to provide your plants with light and make sure that you always have your best harvest yet. The yield that these kinds of lights provide is almost unheard of and you won’t regret trying an option from any of these companies.


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  1. Any info on LED lights, newsletter, etc…

  2. GrowBlu no longer exists. We were selling their lights in our store and they simply disappeared one day with no notice or anything. We were still taking orders for their lights for a few days, before we realized that their website was suddenly offline. When I tried contacting them, I got no response. This was a few months ago. I don’t think they’re coming back, but to be honest, even if they do, I would want nothing to do with them after this.

  3. I think the owner of growblu got cancer or somthing bad thats why they shut down

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