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LED Grow Light Kits

LED grow lights are some of the most popular tools for growing plants inside of your home, or indoors anywhere. The most powerful reason for this popularity is that they have a great number of advantages over the traditional grow lights that are usually used. Even more than that, these LED grow light kits grow more and more effective and efficient in every way, with every new scientific breakthrough in lighting equipment. By buying a kit, you can easily save time and effort, making sure you have the best results possible.

Why LED Light Kits?

LED light kits have a lot of advantages over conventional lights.

  • For starters, LED lights produce a special light in red and blue wavelengths, which is the perfect choice for photosynthesis. By controlling the wavelenthgs in this way, you can have the most power efficient grow possible.
  • The relatively low power consumption adds to that efficiency and uses 20-30% less power than HID lights and that is even growing rapidly.
  • To make sure that you save money, they also last for over 50,000 hours in total, which is especially incredible when you look at the 4,000 average life span of HPS lamps.
  • LED light kits put off very small amounts of heat. You can even touch them without burning your hands. Tender young plants require constant attention and worrying about the heat of the lighting is just another thing to worry about. HID lighting will burn them and cause you to also have to pay much more in electricity bills since you have to warm the room.
  • LED light kits are very versatile. Red LED will help with flowering and fruiting, while blue LED will help to enhance the vegetative growth of your plants.
  • The versatility continues when you take into account the small size requirements. These small LED lights can be placed in different positions and shapes, making it easy to take care of any lighting need that your plants have.


Finding LED Light Kits

Whether you are a grower that is just starting out and planting indoor plants for the very first time, or you are a serious grower that has been in the game for years, there are plenty of different LED light types that can fit your need. For example, if you are interested in building a 12V grow light of your own, you can easily find kits that will help you do just that.

What you want is a high quality kit that features around 256 5mm LEDs that are very bright and very power efficient. These kinds of kits will only use around 16 watts of electricity and should last you about 100,000 hours, which is much more than you would get with any other grow light kit. If you use them for even up to 18 hours every single day, this kit will last for 15 years! That kind of life will result in harvest after harvest, without ever making any sacrifices. An ideal kit should have lights that are about 5.9” X 5.3” X .5” and they should all be equally mounted in a way that lets them light and heat the area uniformly.

Similar kits are available for a 14 watt 120V LED grow light setup. The best quality kits in this instance feature 272 of the same 5mm LEDs, but should also be divided between around 204 red and 68 blue LEDs, to make sure that your grow has the absolute best chance of maximum vegetative and flowering growth. The dimensions will come out to around 6” X 4.75” X 0.5”, with the same level of distance and heat uniformity. If you go for this kind of kit, though, you should also go for one that comes with an active current regulation circuit, this gives you the maximum amount of control when taking care of your precious plants.


For some people, a 100 watt grow is necessary. These are for serious growers, but they are easier to use than any other grow light kit regardless. You can find these from various online and offline retailers, and they usually come with the incredible Xlamp high powered LED lights that are becoming more and more famous. Just 40 red and 16 blue LEDs lights come with these and they can delivery 100 watts of power without any waste and without ever drawing excess. These will still deliver 50,000 hours worth of growing, if they are high quality, and can make any grow much more effective and efficient.



Choosing the best option for you depends on the size of your grow and your needs. In general, however, any LED light kit will offer you incredible advantages and help you find new levels of growing that you never even though possible, especially if you are just starting out and aren’t sure where to go. Check out LED grow light kits and find out just how easy it is!

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