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Hydro Grow Penetrator 168x Pro 300 Watt Review

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Hydro Grow Penetrator 168x Pro
Growing indoors isn’t the easiest task that you can undertake, but it can be much easier if you have the right kind of lighting to take care of your plants. A good powerful LED light can help take your indoor grow to the next level and Hydro Grow has created a light that does just that.

Company highlights:

  • To start with, Hydro Grow is a company that makes sure they don’t have any of the overblown claims that other companies make. They focus on providing quality products without any of the disappointment that other products might deliver, making them one that has customers that come back time and time again. They are the only company, so they say, that performs the kind of in depth testing on their products that make sure you have the most successful grows of your life.
  • By focusing on LED grow lights, Hydro Grow made it possible to supply your plants with everything that they need for a great grow cycle, without wasting any heat, power, or money. They make sure that you are aware of everything before you buy a light and always are up front and honest about the products that they sell.



The Hydro Grow Penetrator 168x Pro has been created and tested extensively over the past four years and, as a result, is one of the single best ways to increase your yield and make the entire grow easier on you. The Hydro Grow 168x was found to produce almost four times the yield per watt when compared to a typical HID system and that is something that can’t be beat by any other product on the market. That is the kind of thing that many people come to expect from an LED grow system and this is no exception.


A lot of people consider these the Mercedes of LED grow lights and they are top of the line in every regard. The grow lights weight about 16 pounds and are constructed with quality copper cores and heatsinks that make sure that they last for years to come. The fact that they are expected to last up to 50,000 hours should say a lot about these grow lights. With this kind of life, one set can last for up to ten years and last through many, many grow cycles to come.

That quality design also makes them perfect for both parts of the grow cycle. Vegetation and flowering require different kinds of light to happen properly. A high quality LED grow light will provide both red and blue spectrum light, though, and this fits the bill perfectly. The Penetrator 168x Pro makes sure that every important ray of light makes it to the part of the plant that needs it most and ensures that you get the 4X yield that the company promises.

Money Back Guarantee

The 168X Pro LED grow light comes with a very important money back guarantee. For 90 days you get to try out the grow light and if you don’t like it you can send it back. This is vital to starting with LED grow lights for the first time, although chances are good that if you try this you won’t regret it. Since they started selling these grow lights, they’ve had very few returns and very few warranty requests too. The warranty allows them to replace or fix your light if something happens within three years. Just think of all of the successful grows you can have in that three year time!

checkFinal Verdict

If you need serious results and a serious way to increase your growing capabilities, this is the perfect option. The Hydro Grow Penetrator 168x Pro offers a high quality lighting system that lasts a long time, has been tested and proven to quadruple your results, and has become one of the most trusted names in LED grow light technology.

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