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How To Find The Best Patio Heater

Best Patio Heater Havana Bronze Commercial Patio HeaterIt used to be the first cold snap was a signal to put away the patio furniture and say good-bye to lounging on the lanai. Patio space heaters are a piece of modern technology that has changed all that and now we can use our outdoor spaces well into weather that normally would be too uncomfortable.

The best patio heater is the Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater. This unit produces 46,000BTU’s of dependable gas heat. With its piezo starter, it lights quickly and easily, and the durable, powder coated finish will fit in with just about any decor. Plus, based on patio heater reviews, this unit ranks among the top units on the market.

When choosing a patio heater, you should consider a couple of different things. Even as much heat as these heaters produce, you are still outdoors and you won’t turn a chilly evening into a hot night at the beach, so temper your expectations.

Plus, heat rises, so unless you have a covered patio or lanai, most of the heat will escape upward. That said, patio heater reviews for this model say you can definitely feel the heat from as far as nine feet away from the unit.

After assembling the unit, and connecting your gas tank (a 20 lb. LP gas tank that is not included with the unit, but that can be easily found at most home and garden, hardware stores or online), the unit turns on at the push of a button with the piezo ignitor. There is a large heat control dial to increase or decrease the heat output from the heater as well as turn the unit completely off. For safety, a tilt switch will automatically turn the unit off if it is tipped over.

Better than a fire pit, this heater will produce heat without smoke or open flame and is whisper quite. With the wheel assembly, the unit can be moved to wherever you want it, or for easy wheeling into storage. The heating elements are located at the top of the unit and a heat shield is used to reflect heat back downward.

The AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater heats using the efficiency of radiant heating, so there are no blowers or fans to break or cause excessive noise. Because it uses radiant heating, the heat is distributed evenly around the unit producing few, if any cold spots.

The stainless steel construction makes this the best patio heater in terms of durability. The powder coated finish will last a lifetime and will always look its best with minimum care. The heater has a bronze finish which will fit into almost all patio decors.

When assembled the unit stands approximately seven feet, five inches and the base is eighteen inches in diameter. You can use sand or water to weigh the base down so the unit is harder to tip over should something accidently bump it or if the wind is blowing strong.

If you enjoy your patio and want to be able to extend the time you can use it then this is the heater around. Quite, attractive, top-rated, efficient are all adjectives to describe this great unit.

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