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G8LED 90 WATT All Red LED Grow Light Review

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G8LED 90 WATT All Red LED Grow Light Review
If you are going to start building an indoor grow room, one of the most important things that you should do is make sure you have only the best grow lights available. This doesn’t mean you should neglect your nutrients, air flow, and everything else, but without light plants won’t grow, but with the right kind they’ll also grow larger than you ever thought possible, giving you more time to focus on the things you really care about. That is where the G8LED 90 WATT All Red LED Grow Light comes into play.


  • Space. One of the largest problems that people face with an indoor grow is the lack of space. Trying to find room for plants, lights, air ducts, and more can be hard enough, but once you start adding in the additional parts for lights that are required it can become even more of a hassle. That is why LED lights are preferred for small indoor grows that need space to breathe. The small size of these fixtures exponentially benefits you by allowing you to add more lighting as needed, without always having to find space for it and completely rearrange your grow.
  • Efficiency. LED grow lights are, on the whole, much more efficient than any other lighting system you will use. Part of the problem lies in the fact that traditional HPS grow lights provide a lot of light, but it isn’t the kind that your plants actually need. There is a lot of power going to these lights, but unfortunately there is also a lot of light being wasted. LED lights do not have that problem in that they only give your plants what they need, mainly red and blue wavelength light. If you want the absolute best grow options, though, you should use as much red light as possible in order to maximize your plants’ ability to flower.
  • Power consumption. That efficiency also applies to power consumption as well. You’ll find that there is a lot of power being used to fuel HPS lights and others, but LED grow lights use far less than you could ever imagine. That doesn’t mean you are going to be getting any less light for your money, however. A 90 Watt LED grow light will give your plants much more light than a larger light with the same rating, thanks to the incredible technology behind these lighting systems.
  • Savings. Over the course of time, you’ll likely spend a great deal of money buying lighting systems to use in different grow rooms and in between harvests. That can add up quickly, even when you are using the cheaper HPS systems that many still use. The more expensive initial cost is prohibitive in some cases, although the long life of an LED light will more than make up for that. Even spending up to ten times as much on an LED system will benefit you due to the 50,000 hour life that most will come with.

G8LED 90 WATT All Red LED Grow Light Review


The G8LED 90 WATT All Red LED Grow Light Review

The G8LED 90 WATT All Red LED Grow Light was designed by Dorm Grow to be the best way to boost your plants’ ability to flower and provide you the largest harvests you have ever had, while also making them easier than ever. It is meant to be used in addition to an existing LED, HID, or HPS grow, but it works well if you have enough of them on their own.

It is also meant to be compact, making it easy to slide into a grow without taking up a great deal of space, something that people struggle with when they attempt to add extra HPS lights to their room. At 90 Watts, however, it doesn’t make many sacrifices in order to accomplish that.

What stands out the most is the size and effectiveness. You don’t often see a light this small that can help so greatly, but it works here. We’ll get to it more in depth, but it is important to understand how much one single light can improve your grow if you put it in the right place. People end up replacing entire lighting systems trying to get a higher yield, but this one product can do a lot for helping you enjoy more profits, larger harvests, and more time to do other things instead of watching your plants and hoping the growth picks up.

The Price

This grow light retails for around $180, which is more than many people are willing to spend for a small light, but that is without taking into account the savings that you earn in the long run. HPS lighting systems can be cheap and effective, but this great LED light uses less power and provides your plants with exactly what they need in order to flower. With the extremely long life of the bulbs as well, you can bet that you’ll make it through ten times as many harvests, compared to other systems of lighting that you have probably used in the past, or still use today.

The Results

For most people, the results are the highest priority they have with their grow room, and with good reason. Fortunately, this LED grow light delivers on every promise it makes. Many people have reported seeing growth spurts start to happen within only a few days of installing the light in their existing grow room, while others have said that they were completely shocked by the rapid growth they saw as soon as they switched their plants to flowering.

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There are a lot of Pros when it comes to this specific LED grow light, but in particular there are a few things that you should look at if you want to know more about the best LED grow light on the market for boosting your yields:

The Best Way To Grow

LED lighting systems are simply the best way to grow your plants inside. The Red LEDs that are used here will give you the maximum amount of flowering in a way that you have never before experienced. Thanks to the extensive development work that Dorm Grow put into this product, you’ll find that you never want to go back to other methods of growing, no matter how appealing their sales copy might be.

Long Life

At 50,000 hours of life, this is one of the longest lasting LED grow lights on the market. There is a lot that you can do in this amount of time, but you’ll never have to worry about replacing it for years to come. Other lights are typically rated at 10,000 hours or less, so it is easy to see how much longer you’ll be able to have great harvests with this particular option.

No Extra Heat

Heat is a problem. When you have an indoor grow, there are plenty of places that heat will slip in and lights are the most cumbersome. If you use more inefficient lighting systems, you’ll be forced to suck air away from your plants as fast as you can.

This LED light takes care of that and doesn’t put out any extra heat that you’ll have to worry about. By providing all the right lighting without any of the heat, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and one less thing to suck money out of your pocket by making your grow inefficient.

No Space Necessary

The G8LED 90 WATT All Red LED Grow Light has the benefit of space that not many other options have on the market right now. With all of the other pieces of equipment sitting in your grow room, you probably don’t have the room to put in another HID light just because you’d like a bigger yield. If you need to cover 10 square feet with light, though, this LED grow light is going to dramatically improve your yields without having to take up any extra space. Throw this light up, turn it on, and watch your plants grow.

If you decide to use these alone for your vegetative growth, you can construct a room that uses these exclusively and gives you all the room you want in order to get to your plants and check on them as they grow through the flowering stage. A room with several of these will grow far more plants than you can ever even imagine by delivering the right kind of light without clogging up the room and keeping you from your plants when they need you most. Especially during harvest, this can be great because you won’t have to worry about needing to remove lighting systems in order to walk through the room.

Low Power Draw

Part of the efficient of LED grow lights comes from the relatively low power consumption. This is similar to the way that replacing light bulbs in your home with more efficient ones allows you to use a lower wattage without noticing a difference.

This LED light will put out light that is comparable to much larger HPS and HID grow lights that you have been using, but by installing a single LED grow light such as this you’ll save an incredible amount of money.

G8LED 90 WATT All Red LED Grow Light Review-1



There aren’t many problems with this G8LED grow light, but they are really dependent on your personal tastes. Take a look at the following:

Growth Limits

This LED light is unfortunately only helpful when flowering. Vegetative growth will require a different setup, which is why this is labeled as a “Boost” type grow light. helping your existing grow survive and thrive is ideal for when you don’t want to replace everything, but would still prefer to have a little something extra.

Price (For some)

Again, for some people the price might seem high. If you paid attention to the rest of the review, however, you’ll see how the G8LED 90 Watt grow light makes it possible to save more money than any other part of your grow when you use it on a regular basis.


This isn’t a very large LED light, but for those that need a small bit of help this shouldn’t be a problem. It will be difficult to completely replace a grow system with these, but for improving an existing grow you can’t do any better.

checkFinal Verdict

Choosing the best grow light isn’t easy, and even choosing the best LED grow light won’t always be simple, but the G8LED 90 WATT LED All Red grow light in almost all cases will deliver the best results.

Vegetative growth will still have to be handled separately, but once your plants begin flowering this is the absolute best way to take advantage of everything that the latest advances in science have prepared. Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this!

You won’t regret a decision to switch to LED grows once you start seeing the first harvest. With all of the extra time and money left over you can even start a second grow in order to exponentially grow the amount of money you can make, or even take up a new hobby not that you have all of this free time!

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  1. what about for a 4’x4′ shorter (5′) tent using one g8-600LED for vegetative and then adding one 68LED 90 w red for flowering . (5-8 plants).

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