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G8-900 LED Grow Light Review

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g8led-900watt review
G8LED’s flagship 900W grow light covers 24 sq. ft. or larger with 300 3W LEDs that output 8-bands of PAR, IR, UV and 6000K spectrum. Input voltage is 110-240VAC and it comes with cord and hangers.

Key Features

The G8LED G8-900 grow light comes with everything you need for optimal growth and flowering including power cord and hangers.

  • Nominal 900W of 8-band PAR plus IR, UV and 6000K spectrum
  • Actual power usage about 620W, less than half the power of a 1400W HID system
  • Minimum 24 sq. ft. coverage
  • Adjacent lights increase bed coverage due to crossover light
  • 300 3W LEDs with 50,000H/15-year lifespan
  • 8 quiet running ventilation fans top-mounted
  • Runs on 110-240VAC mains current
  • No ballast or heat management necessary, runs cool to the touch
  • Size and weight: 20 x 14 x 3 inches and 22 lbs.


G8LED’s G8-900 full spectrum LED grow light is the largest of their line made for professional indoor growers who need one light for both vegetative and flowering stages. It easily covers beds of 24 sq. ft. and larger. It uses the highest-quality 3-watt LED diodes to produce optimal PAR light across the growth spectrum including 8 PAR bands, IR, UV-B and 6000K white light. Two 90W red UFOs can be added to further increase flowering yield.

One G8-900 light has the same growing potential as a 1400-watt HPS or MH grow light but without the ballast, frequent lamp changes and additional heat management. It also has superior canopy penetration; up to 60 inches. Since each LED is rated with a 50,000 hour lifespan and you save a minimum of 800W per hour, this light pays for itself in a short time.

G8LED builds all their grow lights with the best quality LEDs, Zener-based driver circuitry, power supplies, ventilation fans and housings. That is why they offer a direct 2-year warranty and excellent customer service.



  • Biggest light that G8LED offers
  • One light for veg and flower stages
  • Superb canopy penetration
  • Long life LED technology, no more lamp changes
  • Runs cool and uses far less power than HID systems
  • 2-year warranty


  • It is low-heat but not no-heat. Thus, some heat management may be required
  • No daisy-chaining capability

What Buyers Are Saying

G8-900 LED grow light buyers are astounded at the brightness of G8LED’s flagship product. Most buyers acquire one because they have familiarity with the high build quality and outstanding performance of smaller G8LED grow lights in their operation. When they wanted to expand to bigger beds, they considered two G8-450s, but the 900W version saves them money. Some growers use these under a 5 ft. by 5 ft. canopy successfully, so the bed coverage is outstanding.

G8LED grow lights are well-known for their outstanding PAR spectrum coverage plus additional IR and UV coverage to enhance both vegetative and flowering cycles. This is an all-around light that can take plants from seedlings to bud, but even higher yields are possible by adding a couple of G8LED red UFOs during the bloom stage.

It is nearly impossible to find reviews where growers had negative comments about the G8-900 grow light. The only problem a handful of buyers found was that the heat put off by this light was more than they expected, but it was easily handled with minimal ventilation improvements.

checkFinal Verdict

For the greenest, healthiest and most robust indoor garden, the G8LED 900W LED grow light is unmatched. G8LED has proven they make lights built to last that output the most efficient wavelengths for full-spectrum growing. For committed indoor gardeners, this is one of the best grow light choices they can make.

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  1. I noticed that the G8 website says the 900 watt can be used for both the veg/flower stages of plant life but i want to know is this much power in the seedling stage of plant life be to strong for the young seedlings despite what the website says i am in no way saying anything against G8 led and i am not claiming to have superior experience in the growing of plants or the handling of any sort of grow light led Hps and so on I would appreciate any information pictures links ect of the 900 watt led g8 grow light performance in the seedling stage of plant life and once again i need to know that this light can be put to use from the first time i see the first leave will i be able to hit these first leaves with all the power of the 900 light with 100 per cent confidence that no harm will come to my seedlings plus this will be my first ever attempt in growing and in my country witch is Ireland this interest is a no in terms of the law and i am not one for getting into this business or anyother type of illegal activity without giving it my full determination dedication and passion i have been told by many not buy this light because i have no prior experience in growing and this light is more on the professional side of growing and people that grow for a none profitable interest should chose a lower quality set up what do u think first time grower should i try a some what professional set up or settle for the amature setup i have been researching this business for the last year now and i am fearly confident in my self that i will be able to get descent results with a small number of plants 2 3 plants max for first grow and have a descent understanding of the entire growing stages from seedling right through harvest the only part of the process i am lacking in knowledge one process and even the first timer knows that nutrients are as vital as the light itself this is the main area of growing that i am not up to date with and so if i could get any additional
    information on when to give plants nutrients for the first time in the plants life as far as i have researched most if not all weed plants are able to support themselfs with enough nutrient for the first week or two because they have enough nuts in them is this information correct and i will be growing indicas as my dominant strains no sativas

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