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Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Full Spectrum Led Grow LightsFull spectrum LED grow lights are a relatively new offering when it comes to growing technology. Most people think about growing lights and they think of the giant fluorescent tubes that hang over their plants, but LED lights, especially full spectrum ones, are actually more common than you might think. Many people still rely on the older conventional lighting systems, though. Upgrading the lighting system that you use is always an option that you should consider.

The problem with growing anything indoors is that you are trying to replicate outdoor growing conditions, but inside of a room with artificial light. That isn’t an easy task and can become very expensive and ineffective. Most people rely on HPS and MH lighting as their favored sun replacement tool. In order to support the growth of plants effectively, your lights will have to provide a full spectrum light to your plants, something that is easy with traditional lighting systems.

LED light kits consist of panels filled with LED bulbs in different configurations and wattage. To provide the full spectrum of light, there are multiple colors of lights that provide red and blue spectrum lighting that meets the needs of your plants. Many people have relied on only red or blue, for flowering and vegetation growth, but in order to get the most out of your grow you will have to also include the rest of the spectrum, as we discussed above. There are many advantages to this and there are very good reasons as to why you should switch to full spectrum LED grow lights, and I’ll show you why.


The cost can turn a lot of people away. Full spectrum LED lighting can be expensive at the outset. The costs of setting up a full spectrum LED grow can be higher than HPS or HID grows in many cases. In the long run, however, you save a great deal of money and will end up with a much cheaper grow. The average lifespan of an HPS bulb is just 10,000 hours. Compare that with the 50,000 hour average lifespan of LED bulbs. That means you can have over 15 YEARS of growing out of this single purchase. It might cost more to set up an effective full spectrum grow like this, but you will earn that money back in the long run.


The effectiveness is often debated, but most people agree that LED grow lights have a huge advantage. Most people growing with HPS lights have about a .5 gram per watt yield, while LED lights can offer up to 1.5 grams per watt. The effectiveness that is debated comes in terms of the spectrum. Full spectrum LED lights are often preferred due to the accurate replication of the sun’s rays, although many argue that simply red and blue are enough and are all that the plants need. Even if this is true, though, the amount of money that you are saving means that a full spectrum LED light, even if it wastes some of the light, is still a massive advantage over HID lights.


Compared to conventional lighting setups, full spectrum LED light setups are incredibly small. These thing panels provide the full spectrum of light without having to use bulky ballasts and other reflecting gear. LED lights use that small size to provide the entire light spectrum and make them easy to place anywhere.


That size makes it easy to use in any kind of situation. Grow rooms can become incredibly uncomfortable when they’re packing with expensive equipment that takes up a lot of space. These full spectrum LED lights are easy to organize in almost any way, even on the walls, to ensure that your plants get the most efficient amount of light possible, just where your plants need it. Being able to provide light to the sides of your plant when you have a small grow space is an incredible advantage.


Heat is something that people battle constantly when they have a high powered grow. Grow rooms can quickly rise in temperature when left untouched, but full spectrum LED lights don’t have that problem, and some people even are forced to heat their rooms artificially when they grow in colder climates. If you are in a warmer region, this is important and makes your grow experience much more effective, easier, and safer.


An added benefit of using full spectrum LED grow lights is the fact that they are more friendly to the environment than traditional grow lights that can contain toxic chemicals, like traditional fluorescent bulbs. For indoor growers with a respect for mother nature, but still need to grow inside, this is a selling point that draws many people to them. The fact that they are much more effective without using near as much power also means that you are saving oil that would be used to create the energy to power your high powered ballasts.

Full spectrum LED grow lights offer so much more than traditional HID lights. There will continue to be arguments over full spectrum ones compared to ones that only consist of red and blue, but it doesn’t matter to many people. As long as you make the switch to LED lighting, you are sure to see an amazing boos in your production levels.

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  1. We are looking for a complete LED growing system with four shelves about 15″ deep X about 48 – 60″ wide. We plan to clone our current tomatoes (we lucked out on the best ones we ever had) and keep them going until this spring. We also want to grow herbs (basil) greens, and green beans (and whatever else my wife thinks of. Where can we find such a unit? We’ve seen some units like this with T5 lighting, but want to with LED. Can help?

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