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Advanced LED Diamond Series XML 350 Review

Advanced LED Diamond Series XML 350

Quick Reference Advanced LED have their own research center from which they create some of the industry’s most efficient, powerful and longest-lasting grow light products. DS XML 350 is an example of their research results. In short, the DS XML 350 is designed for maximal spectral efficiency, the least electricity usage and maximum lifespan. Advanced LED back all this up […]

Advanced LED DS 200 LED Grow Light Review

Advanced Platinum Series DS200 300w 11-band LED Grow Light - DUAL VEG/FLOWER SPECTRUM

Key Features​ 100 US-made Bridgelux 3W white and blue LEDs Spectrum switch to optimize output for vegetative and flowering stages Each LED is individually lensed to focus light downward At full strength, the case only reaches 92F Part of a series ranging in sizes from 100W to 800W ​ Specifications​ Size –19″L x 8″W x […]

AdvancedLED DS XTE 200 Review


Quick Reference New indoor growers are often put off by the initial cost of LED grow lights. Advanced LED Lights’ Diamond Series XTE 200 takes advantage of the best LED grow light technology without busting your budget. The LEDs used in the DS XTE 200 are from the highest quality manufacturers in the world. Coupled with […]

Best LED Grow Light For Cannabis


LED grow light bulbs were invented back in 1927, but there weren’t too many uses for them at the time. In the 1960s, they were used for blinking red lights on electronics, but now they are getting more and more popular for growing plants indoors, especially cannabis. Ever since the 1960s, they’ve doubled in efficiency […]

CaliforniaLightWorks Solar Flare 220W Review


Quick Reference California Light Works’ Solar Flare 220 products are actually three variations of the same LED grow light. The three flavors of 220 are the FullCycle, the BloomBooster and the VegMaster. Each is identical, except that each optimizes the LED spectral output for different purposes. Their compact size, light weight and energy-efficiency make them an […]

CaliforniaLightWorks SolarStorm 440W Review


Quick Reference The new California Light Works Solar Storm 440W LED grow light is all the light you need for a moderate size bed to push your plants from the seedling stage to a strong flowering finish. The first verion of the CLW SolarStorm 440W light was essentially an upgrade of their 400W version through […]

Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light Review

Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light

Quick Reference When it comes to growing crops indoors, the kind of light that you use has perhaps the largest impact on the size of your harvests. Finding just the right amount of light is another story as well. Thankfully, there are unique lights like the Extreme 21X-PRO LED Grow Light from Hydro Grow LED. […]

Extreme 336X-PRO LED Grow Light Review

Extreme 336X-PRO LED Grow Light

Quick Reference LED grow lights have revolutionized the way that people grow indoors like no other advancement ever has in the past. While there are still people that use fluorescent tubes, HID or HPS systems, or Plasma, those that want the highest yield and most efficient grow possible there is no denying the fact that […]

Extreme 420X-PRO Vertical LED Grow Light Review

Extreme 420X-PRO Vertical LED Grow Light

Quick Reference There are a lot of different ways of growing indoors, with many getting incredibly technical. Vertical or rotary growing systems are one of the latest innovations, although not that many people are taking advantage of everything that it has to offer. If you are someone that is interested in it, though, or you […] © 2016. is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products.