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Tips For Caring For Hosta Plants — Growing Hosta Plants

Hostas are one of the most commonly grown plants that are cultivated for their lush foliage and ease of care. Hosta plants are perennials that tolerate almost any environment and are favored by landscapers and home gardeners alike. Commercially available, this plant will withstand many conditions that other plants cannot tolerate to thrive. Hosta plants […]

How to Grow and Care for Elephant Ear Plants: Ten Top Tips

Perhaps you’ve seen the long-stemmed plants with giant leaves resembling elephant ears. These exotic beauties, called elephant ear plants, or Colocasia in Latin, are native to warm climates, but they can be grown just about anywhere. Colocasia esculenta, the most common variety, has hundreds of cultivars in many different colors and patterns, and they lend […]

Tips for Growing and Caring for Bleeding Hearts

Bleeing heart

If you’ve ever seen a shade or woodland garden full of beautiful pink heart shaped flowers and wanted the same blooms for your yard, you’re in luck. Bleeding heart flowers, known as Dicentra species in Latin, are relatively easy to grow if you follow a few important rules. These specatular looking plants blossom in late spring and […]

Totally Free Easy Made Toilet Seed Starter

Seed growth

Garden planning and preparation time is upon us. With the increasing desire for more earth friendly gardening methods gardeners do not have to look far for options. Toilet paper tubes are the perfect solution. For the frugal, it is not necessary to purchase expensive peat pots to start your seedlings indoors or in your greenhouse. […]

How Much Money Do You Spend On Your Garden?

Budget and cost

Adding a garden to your landscape enhances the value of your property and intensifies the aesthetics of your surroundings. The size and style of your garden will determine the cost involved in installation. One of the most important factors when calculating the cost of installing a garden is its size, the manpower, the equipment and […]

Growing Hibiscus Plants: 10 Hibiscus Plant Care Tips

Red hibiscus flower

Hibiscus plants are large shrubs that bloom with enormous flowers of all colors. Their growth is so vigorous that they can be trained to develop into moderately tall trees that blossom year after year. They are relatively easy to cultivate and grow. This versatile plant can reach the height of 15 feet. It grows equally […]

15 Tips For Growing White Pumpkins

White Pumpkin 3

Growing pumpkins can be a fascinating experience, but growing unusual varieties, such as white pumpkins can be even more rewarding. Their exceptionally beautiful shapes and ranges of white hue have enticed many gardeners into taking their horticultural skills to another level. Several varieties of white pumpkins are available today, from the smallest ones that fit […]

How to Create Your Own Urban Oasis

Patio Area

Homeowners everywhere understand the importance of their outdoor living space. The addition of a patio or deck helps to utilize the elements of nature, and this makes the creation of a backyard paradise possible for nearly any home. While suburban homes typically have much more outdoor space to work with, the relatively small outdoor area […] © 2016. is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products.