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SolarStorm 880w LED Grow Light Review

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SolarStorm 880w LED Grow Light Review
Choosing an LED grow light isn’t always an easy task. A lot of them can seem like they are essentially the same lamp, with just a few minor differences. Every now and again, though, there are companies like California Lightworks that produce a truly groundbreaking LED grow light that completely changes the way that people look at their indoor grows.

Of all of their grow lights, this 880w LED grow light is perhaps their strongest and most efficient. The years of research and development they have funded has paid off with the Solarstorm grow lamp, which is quickly becoming an industry standard in terms of quality. It is hard to fit all of the good things into a single review, but here we will take a look at the key points that stand out amongst all the other options that are currently on the market.




A single review can’t touch on everything, but here are the top benefits that most people experience when they switch to this LED grow light.

-Super High Flux LED Diodes

The 5w LED diodes used in this grow light are among the best in the business. There are 176 of them included here, which cover both red and blue spectrums of light. There are many manufacturers that use less effective diodes in an effort to save money, but that is certainly not the case here.

-High Lifespan Rating

With a 50,000 hour lifespan, you won’t ever have to worry about replacing this lamp like you would with fluorescent tubes or HID systems. Fluorescent tubes, for example, are typically rated at a lifespan of around 20,000 hours, but they lose their efficiency after much less than that. These LED lights will stay strong throughout their entire life, which is at least twice as long as other grow lamps.

-High Efficiency Rating

This particular California Lightworks lamp works at near 90% efficiency, which is far and away better than anything that you would have ever accomplished with HID or fluorescent lights. Those forms of grow lights will waste a great deal of power, where this LED lamp spends almost every bit of electricity that it gets on lighting up your plants. This means that it is also capable of giving your lights the same amount of energy as a much larger HID light, replacing up to a 1,600 watt lamp in some cases.

-High PAR Output

PAR light is what is responsible for penetrating through the canopy of your plants and making sure that the photosynthetic reactions are strong and consistent. This LED lamp has 25% more PAR light than other products and it makes sure that nothing is left untouched by this powerful light. Most other product lines you will come across don’t have near this kind of capability, so it is worth pointing out.


-Dual Spectrum With Added Fluorescent Lights

Most LED grow lights have the problem of not giving your plants the kind of full spectrum light that they would get outdoors. If you want to replicate the natural growing process as much as possible, though, it is something that you should be concerned about. The California Lightworks Solarstorm 880w LED grow light provides your plants with two different forms of blue and red light that can help them grow healthy and strong in both vegetative and flowering stages, but there is another extra that they have included as well. The addition of two fluorescent tubes makes sure that your plants are more potent than if you were using LED lights alone, but it also helps to complete the spectrum in ways that most LED lights aren’t capable of doing.

California Lightworks NEW SolarStorm 880W LED Grow Light with UVB-3 Year Limited Warranty

A lot of people are concerned about spending a lot of money on their grows, only to have them run into problems down the road. You don’t have to ever worry about that here since they have a 3 Year Warranty included with the purchase. That means that for three years after purchasing it you will have any problems taken care of for you, never having to concern yourself with repair issues that could quickly add up if they happen a great deal. With the high quality development they have put into this light, the chances of having a single problem are fairly small in the first place.

-Incredible Savings

Over the course of your grows, using an LED grow light like this will end up saving you an incredible amount of money in several different ways. The power efficiency of this lamp, giving you 50% more efficiency, also means that you will be spending half as much money on powering the grow op. The fact that you will be replacing them half as often also means that you will save money on buying new bulbs, something that your friends that still use HID lights will have to deal with on a regular basis. There is also the larger harvests that you’ll be having. More crops means more profits, giving you the opportunity to enjoy much more of your hard work since you are not only spending less money on the harvests, but having more to show for them in the long run.



Every time you will find a grow light review here, there is one singular downside that you will come across. At the end of the day, the price of the grow lamp can be an issue, even if it is worth every penny.


With a $1,799 price tag, this grow light might be out of reach for many growers, or at the very least seem that way. The price isn’t easy to come to terms with, but when you consider the long term savings it is much more easy to comprehend. That is all to say that if you can afford to purchase it, go ahead, and if you are having second thoughts just because of the price you might need to look again.

checkFinal Verdict

For a powerful grow lamp that is going to seriously give your grows a boost, you can’t find anything better than this. As far as an LED grow lights go, this is by far the best and one that will have the greatest benefit to your grow op. The long term savings alone could make it a fantastic choice, but once you look at the increased harvests and healthier plants it is plain to see that you should seriously consider this grow light if you are in the market.

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