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California Light Works Solar Storm 880 watt LED Grow Light Review

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California Light Works Solar Storm 880 watt LED Grow Light Review
There are thousands of options in the world of LED grow lights. It can get difficult to choose when you are faced with this many options, although it doesn’t always have to be that way. When there are companies like California Light Works working this hard to develop the perfect grow light, it isn’t hard to improve your grows.

Over the years, California Light Works has discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t. They pride themselves on their focus on design, research, development, and manufacturing that is always energy efficient, technologically advanced, and precisely what the customer needs. With that kind of effort being put into their products, it would be easy to assume that they are expensive, but there is a large emphasis within the company on making efficient grows as easy as possible, but also as affordable as possible.




  • Unbeatable Lifespan. If you have been growing with traditional lighting systems for the life of your growing career, there is no telling how many times you’ve had to replace the bulbs. Most people end up replacing them after every single harvest even. That isn’t the case here and you’ll be happy to know that California Light Works created an 880 watt LED grow light that is rated as having a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. That means it will last through years of growing without giving a second thought to buying new ones.
  • Incredible Power. This grow light is rated at 880 watts, although the truth of the matter is that you will have much more light than that going to your plants. Essentially, this could replace a 1,600 watt HID lamp! That is an incredible thing and goes to prove how much power this light has. While your friends might be forced to use several large lights to keep their grow healthy, you will literally require half of that, if not less.
  • Efficient Electricity Usage. LED grow lights as a whole are known for using only about 50% of the energy that HPS systems do, and that applies here as well. This LED grow light drastically reduces the amount of money that must be spent on energy costs and uses every bit of power to light your plants, rather than wasting a great deal of it as an HID lamp would do. In the long run, this means that you will not only have better grows, but cheaper ones as well. With all of the hard work that goes into growing plants indoors, wouldn’t you love a way to make more money off of them? This is the secret to doing just that.
  • Full Spectrum light. Outdoors, your plants would be exposed to all kinds of light. The spectrum of visible light is wide and traditional grow lights expose your plants to all of it, but many people fall short once they start using LED grow lights, since they typically come with only red and blue. These might be the best for vegetation and flowering stages, but it isn’t all that your plant needs to grow at its best. To do that, you need a full spectrum light, which California Light Works has created. The 160 5 watt LEDs included here cover the much more of the spectrum, but can also be customized for the two stages of growth, allowing you to have total control over what your plants are experiencing. It might not be full spectrum, but it does have much more variety than most grow lamps of this kind.


  • Added Lighting. This grow lamp doesn’t only include LEDs, either. It also features two 15 watt T8 fluorescent tubes that provides the UV-B that is so vital to making sure your plants are as potent as possible. It also has the benefit of rounding out the light in a way that fully replicates the outdoor conditions of growing, while giving you all of the benefits of growing indoors.
  • Solar Storm LED Grow LightPerfect Coverage. Many indoor grows are around 4’ X 4’ or 5’ X 5’. This LED grow light is the perfect size for that. Many LED grow lights have the problem of covering a very small space, but that isn’t an issue here. With this grow light you can easily provide light to your entire grow room without worry.
  • Penetrating LightSolar Storm LED grow light also provides high PPF light. This kind of light can penetrate through the canopy and reach every branch of your plants. In doing this, you have the chance to make sure that no light is wasted and you do not have plants with healthy tops that are withering further down. Having a plant that is healthy from top to bottom is one of the most important things you can do, since it drastically increases your yield and makes sure you have far less problems to deal with on a regular basis.



In all honesty, there is only one problem that people run into when using Solar Storm LED and that is the startup cost that comes along with it.

  • Startup Investment. With a suggested retail price of around $1,700, it is out of the budget for many people, but it isn’t a black and white issue in truth. That large investment is more than made up for by the long lifespan and power efficiency that this LED grow light has. Provided you can afford it at all, you will make more money from each harvest, making it well worth a second look if you have dismissed it in the past based on the price alone.

checkFinal Verdict

In the end, there are a lot of great models to choose from in the world of indoor growing. If you want the absolute best choice possible, you need look no further than this 880W LED grow light from California Light Works. The power alone makes it a worthwhile investment, but when you take a look at the whole picture it is hard to find a reason that you would use anything else. You certainly will never regret the larger harvests and cheaper costs that it provides.

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