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Best Pruning Saw Reviews: Hand, Electric or Folding

Corona RS 7395 Pruning SawA pruning saw is necessary for those properties where there are a variety of small trees. These trees need to be pruned so that they will grow in an aesthetically pleasing shape. Sometimes, pruning saws are used for cutting off dead branches that are diseased.

This ensures that the disease does not spread to the other parts of the tree. The best pruning saw should be able to handle a variety of branches with varying thickness and should be well designed.

One of the best saws available in the market is Corona RS 7395. Here is an in depth review of this pruning saw:

Features of Corona RS 7395 Pruning Saw

  • Lightweight and Convenient Dimensions – This saw weighs 6 pounds which means that it is easy to carry around when the entire property needs to be pruned at the end or beginning of the season. The dimensions of this saw are 6×6.3×25 inches. The tooth of the saw is 14 inches in length.
  • Razor Tooth Pruning Saw – The razor teeth of the saw are especially useful for cutting medium and small branches and with this saw, results are achieved efficiently. These teeth are 3 sided which further improves the effectiveness of this saw.
  • Ideal For Large Branches – The saw is not only great for small pruning assignments but it can also take on large branches when needed.
  • Long Life – The saw has a long service life because it has “impulse hardened teeth”. This is a method in which the edge of the blade is heated with electric current for almost 0.005 seconds. The procedure hardens every individual tooth and makes the saw durable.
  • Replaceable Blade – The taper ground, 14” blade of this saw is replaceable. This means that if it ever breaks or gets damaged while pruning, money only has to be spent for replacing the blade and not the entire thing.
  • Fast Cutting – The designing of the blade is such that it makes cutting faster. The blade tends to curve towards the end strategically which also leads to better pruning results.
  • Well Designed Handle – The handle is co-molded and well designed which makes it easy to operate the saw.

Performance of Corona RS 7395 Pruning Saw

Immense Power – This saw is extremely versatile in nature and the sheer power packed in the blades makes it something akin to a chain saw. People use it not just on branches but also on tree trunks and it doesn’t break down.

Versatile For Most Assignments – If someone wants to invest in just one pruning saw, this should be the choice because it is medium in size and versatile in nature.

Takes Less Effort – Unlike other pruning saws, this saw does not require a lot of effort from the operator. Because of its power and precision, the saw practically finishes the job on its own. Even people who do not have much strength in the arms can use it.

Affordable But Outperforms Expensive Tools – There are many expensive tools available in the market but Corona’s saw outperforms them all. It is affordable than the much-hyped Japanese saw brands and is easily available online.

Minimal Maintenance – The saw just requires a quick wipe down after the job is finished but overall, it needs no maintenance at all.

In conclusion, Corona RS 7395 Pruning Saw is a nifty tool for quickly pruning all kinds of trees on the property with no hassles at all. Regular pruning of the trees with this saw improves their beauty and keeps them growing in a healthy manner.

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