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Best LED Grow Light For Cannabis


LED grow light bulbs were invented back in 1927, but there weren’t too many uses for them at the time. In the 1960s, they were used for blinking red lights on electronics, but now they are getting more and more popular for growing plants indoors, especially cannabis. Ever since the 1960s, they’ve doubled in efficiency and offer a very special way of improving your indoor grow operations. If you want to find the best LED grow lights for cannabis, you just have to look at a few different factors and you can easily make the best choice. I’ll even recommend a few for you at the end.

Why LED Grow Lights

When you want a LED grow light for cannabis, you might already know all of the benefits, but just to make sure, we’ll cover everything that proves these are the absolute best option for growing indoors.

  • No Heat To Worry About. If you have ever tried to grow a crop indoors, you probably know how hard it is to battle the constant heat that invades your grow room. HID systems can be great for the best cannabis yield by shed force, but LED lights make many people have to heat up their grow rooms if they live in a colder environment. LED lighting bulbs for cannabis are usually only warm to the touch and don’t have the same potential to burn your plants like traditional lights do.
  • The Perfect Light For Your Cannabis Plants. LED grow light for cannabis is one that provides your plants with just what they need. That means providing them with the light that they need the most, in the form of blue and red spectrum lighting. These spectrums provide different light for different growing phases, making it easy to provide the perfect light to make sure that you have the biggest buds, while making sure that during the vegetative state your plants grow log and hearty, or short and bushy, depending on the strain that you are using.

Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar 135W LED Grow Light

This is a brand new, 2013 model light that is one of the most powerful LED grow lights for cannabis. The main selling point for a lot of people with this model is the price tag. At around $200, this can’t be beat for small grows. It isn’t the largest of LED lights, but it is an effective one. This is one of the lights that convinces even the most skeptical growers to make the switch. The lights are kept cool with three different fans, although it doesn’t normally become too heated to cause any problems in the first place. In tests, these lights have been used at 36” and 18” distances in a closet grow. At the end of the 8 hour test, the lights still felt cool to the touch and the room had only heated by about five degrees. That isn’t bad at all compared to using HPS lights in a grow.

Pro Grow 400

The Pro Grow 400 is another kind of LED grow light all together. It is more expensive, but offers a lot of power and a lot of growth. This is a larger panel, compared to the UFO shaped BlackStar. This panel provides a wide coverage area and only uses a very small amount of electricity to do it. For cannabis, this is perfect. A high electricity bill can be a dead giveaway that you are growing something inside of your house. That applies even when blasting this light full speed at all times! Each panel is designed too be efficient and be capable of competing with all of the biggest names in HID lighting systems. These LED light panels will always be warm to the touch, making sure that they don’t burn your plants, although you should still keep them a responsible distance away. They also work in both hydroponic and soil conditioning, produce zero thermal image, and allow you to switch the spectrum that is used to get the most efficient grow possible. On top of that, just a quick flick of a switch allows you to switch between vegetative and flowering phases of growth, making it even easier to take care of your grow. This light can cover a 4’ X 4’ grow area easily.

These are just two of the major LED grow lights for cannabis that you can find and use to see great results. At the end of the day, any LED grow light will be better than conventional growing options. When you are growing cannabis, lighting is important. Of course, you want to make sure that your nutrient levels are always correct and your temperature is just right, but without good lighting, you can’t expect anything to grow properly, much less flower and produce the big beautiful buds that you want.

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