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Led Grow Light ReviewAre you a novice indoor gardener or are you looking to produce larger harvests from your indoor garden set up? Whether you plan a small set up or a large professional grow room, we here at have done the research for you and have compiled the information you need to know. Top on the list of what you will need is lighting. Without a good light source, your plants will not thrive and grow. Our research indicates that LED grow light options will provide the specific kind of light needed for each growth phase.

There are advantages to using LED grow lights you should be aware of that we are happy to share with you. We include a comparison of LED light systems to High Pressure Sodium Systems, and HID, High Intensity Discharge Systems. Some gardeners that switched to LED light systems found that the LED system was superior to the other type systems. They claimed the LED grow light system produced larger harvests, cost less to run, provided the correct kind of light, created the least amount of heat and were more environmentally friendly.

However, a twelve week experiment comparing a HID system with a LED system resulted in the HID system producing taller plants and more flowers. A report of this experiment is shown by us in a video. Another video we present shows the results of tests made on a LED light system and a HPS light system. The LED light system was found to be the better one.

The purpose of our research on LED grow lights is to educate you with the information you will need to make the best selection of LED grow lights for your garden. It is important to know what to look for when making your selection such as heavy duty construction, red and blue lights that are good for vegetables and flowering plants, a high quality cooling system and a substantial warranty. To help you, we have made comparisons of the top ten lighting systems. Included in these comparisons are customer reviews of each of the ten top grow lights, their individual characteristics, prices and who they are sold by. © 2016. is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products.